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Your best source for housing in Vung Tau

We can help you find a place to live in beautiful Vung Tau, Vietnam. We specialize in housing suitable for expatriate living: an apartment, a whole house, a villa or just a room; rent, lease or sale, short or long term. We can help you find a place before you arrive, find you temporary accommodations while you look, or even help with making deposits while still in your home country. But our real specialty is bringing together the Vietnamese property owner with the foreigner living in Vietnam. We speak both English and Vietnamese.

We are independent real estate brokers. that means that we can find houses throughout Vung Tau to match your needs, and then negotiate with the owners on your behalf

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(listings are in US dollars, are for one month and assume a tenancy of multiple months (usually 6); rates for shorter times are usually higher)

We can help you find a place to suit your needs, be it a small studio or a villa; for a few weeks or a year or more. Our services include:

Normally all housing services are free-of-charge for the tenants.

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Vung Tau Housing

Phone (or text message): 01265249804 (from outside of Vietnam: 84-1265249804


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